Pakistan is a unique country on the globe for having all in one to attract the world travelers. It starts from high mountains to the deserts, glaciers to lakes, warm and fresh springs, word high plateaus, hot, cold and cool weather at the same time in different territories of Pakistan.. Northern part (Gilgit-Baltistan) is a gateway to five above than 8000m high mountains including the world 2nd highest K2 (8611m) and 9th Nanga Parbat (8126m) and richest in having above 7000m and 6000m high peaks in the entire world. Stunning high vales and bewitching glaciated terrain, the world famous K2 trek and the Gandogoro La Pass is the best adventure trip on this planet for all the adventurous. Biafo Hisper/Snow Lake, Fairy meadow Nanga Parbat base camp, Khaplu lake K2 view point, Rakaposhi Diran Base camp, Khunjarab Pass to china border and many hidden attractions are also considered the finest journey for the mountaineers, hiker and trekkers. The best season for travelling is summer from June to September. All the true nature lovers will enjoy and delighted by the unforgettable memory and the experience of trip to Pakistan with its loving, friendly, simple and hard working mountain people.
Pakistan is an amazing land for also having the world three largest glaciers after the polar region and world three highest mountain ranges the Himalaya, the Karakorum and the Hindukush. Being located in the heart of Asia as a Muslim republic state makes this country more pleasing to the visitors. To be honest a journey through Pakistan would be a great and blissful encounter because of its countless invasions, the culture and ethos of its conquerors that preserved their essence in monuments and archaeological heritage of Pakistan.