Camping activity is on the rise

Camping in uae

The year started with beautiful days, a lot of heat and people full of desire to have more contact with nature. As traveling by plane still has some risks, many borders remain closed and the beaches are full of people and agglomerations, many adventurers are choosing to travel to closer places where it is possible to reach by car. In addition, accommodation in camps instead of inns, hotels or hostels is on the rise.

Thus, nature is used in a different way with less risk of contagion with Covid-19, but not necessarily without comfort. So, for your camping to get even better and for you to live an unforgettable adventure in this post-pandemic era, we have separated some tips:

1 – You must remember that we are not yet free of the Coronavirus, therefore it is still necessary to take some precautions and avoid crowding. Always have a pack of clean masks and a bottle of alcohol gel in your glove compartment or backpack . Even if you go to a wild camping, where there is no one, you will still have commuting and stops at tolls or for food.

2 – Preferably for places close to your region and less busy. Who doesn’t like to have an exclusive natural paradise for themselves? So this is the right time to take advantage of this. This is also an excellent opportunity to visit those wild camps and live a few days more simply.

3 – Try to book the camps where you will be staying. This avoids overcrowding and, consequently, overcrowding. To find the campsites closest to your destination, you can use specialized search apps or websites like Macamp or Hipcamp.

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4 – Invest in specific camping utensils such as stoves , multi-function cutlery, lighter pans , and a cooler to keep drinks and food cooler. It is also interesting to have some accessories to bring more comfort to your night, such as a good thermal insulator , pillow , sleeping bag and a lantern or lanterns.

5 – Another option for travel is to rent a motorhome and experience an adventure in a house on wheels. Thus, you can camp anywhere you go and still with the convenience and security of a home, experiencing this legendary lifestyle.

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