How to choose Trekking Shoes

trekking shoes

Although it is a light trekking, since it may walk for a long time, it is better to prepare special trekking shoes (climbing shoes can also be used).
Unlike ordinary shoes, trekking shoes are characterized by covering even the ankle. When walking for a long time, it is not easy for your feet to get tired!

When wearing shoes, thick socks made of wool or chemical fiber, which are sold for trekking and climbing, are also essential. It is made for mountaineering, has a high cushioning property, and is less likely to get tired when walking.
It is also quick-drying and prevents your feet from getting cold due to sweat.

Keep the following points in mind when choosing:

Points for choosing trekking shoes

1- size and shape

Sometimes it even covers the ankles, and choosing the size like a normal shoe may result in “not fitting, hurt!” Later. It is safe to go to an outdoor specialty store as much as possible and then try on your shoes.

Firstly, it is important to choose a hard sole and a shape that does not slip easily walking on the mountains. Also, since the size varies depending on the manufacturer, choose a manufacturer that fits your feet.

Sometime, wearing socks for trekking that you do not normally wear, the feeling of size will change greatly. Bring your own socks to the shop, or borrow a pair of socks to try on at the shop.

The shape of the ankle part also differs greatly depending on the trekking shoe. There are several models with different shapes such as “high cut” where the ankle is well covered, “low cut” which extends a little to the ankle than normal shoes, “middle cut” in between.

For beginners, we recommend “middle cut” or “low cut” shapes. Rather than walking with an unfamiliar high-cut model. It is recommended that you use a middle-cut or low-cut model that is close to your usual shoes and protects your feet to some extent.

2- waterproof function

Trekking shoes have various functions so that they can be used on the mountains. In case of sudden rain or puddle, we recommend that you choose shoes made of waterproof and breathable material. which is highly waterproof. Better waterproof than normal waterproof shoes.

3- Material

Some Trekker may offer leather shoe, but not suitable for beginners as they are difficult and heavy to Maintains.
The materials of synthetic leather and synthetic fiber are easy and light to walk on, so recommended for first beginners. 

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