Introducing Trekking to Beginners!


We want to go out to breathe in the beautiful air in the mountains! But it seems that we need physical strength to climb a mountain. I would like to recommend “Trekking” which is a light mountain climb for the beginners.

You walk enjoying the scenic beauty of the mountains leisurely to feel the Nature and relief of mind. I will explain the difference between Trekking and Ordinarily mountaineering.

Trekking & Ordinary Mountainering

The usual mission of mountain climbing is to “aim for the top”. Trekking is not forcibly climbing to the top, but the main purpose is to enjoy nature by walking at the foot of the mountain. (You may climb to the top)

It can range from easy to moderate and difficult to extreme level. An easy trek last for a day or more camping the night out into the nature. Hiking also falls in the same category as trekking does but the difference is an overnight stay.


If you return to the point, after a short or a long walk into the nature, it will refer to as hiking. In hiking, you walk for a minimum an hour to Maximum 16 hours ranging from 3 km to 30 km as per the hikers speed and stamina.


On the other hand, Trekking last for a minimum day and night to maximum 30 days and nights walking for tens of kilometres, to traversing several mountains for more than 200 kilometres. It could be a walk on the mountains, glaciers,Deserts, Jungles or a hilly area.

The pleasure of trekking is that you can relax and enjoy the scenery in the nature away from the hustle and bustle of the city, while enchanting the seasonal scenery that you cannot normally view. You can zoom the nature in your mind and camera by clicking on the beautiful Mountains, plants trees, flowers and many more.

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