Cancellation & Refund:

Cancellation must be notified by phone call and by email to World Adventure Tours. Cancellation charges shall be as follows:

  • Up to 25 days – 80% refundable
  • Up to 10-24 days – 60% refundable
  • Up to 1-10 days – 40% refundable
  • After travel date – non-refundable

Booking/ Reservations:

You can join our groups/individual trips and confirm your seat by paying 15% percent of the trip amount to World Adventure Tours. The tour cost is totally based on the given itinerary and the number of days, camps and Hotel nights. If the trip is delayed due to road blockage, washouts, bad weather and flight delay, sickness, Government restrictions or any other contingency for which World Adventure Tours cannot make provisions, the resulting extra cost for such delay is not included.

Payment Method:

Payment will be accepted in Cash, Online, Pay Pal, Western Union, or through certified cheque and bank transactions.


Passengers are advised to get insurance that covers cancellation, accidents, health emergency evacuation, helicopter rescue and loss or damage of baggage and personal effects. This insurance must be arranged yourself directly with your agent/insurance company. We recommend World Nomads for our clients.


Every member is entitled to bring a maximum weight of 15 kg of personal baggage. Any excess baggage portage will be charged separately.

Change of Itinerary:

Reasonable changes in the itinerary may be made only where deem advisable for the safety and comfort of the client.


World Adventure Tours, its agents and employees will not be liable for any injury, death, damage, loss, accident, delay, theft, irregularity or acts of God, either by the acts of any company or person engaged in conducting the tour.

Responsibilities: The world Adventure Tours will provide transports, accommodations, meals and other necessary requirements which are mentioned in the tour itinerary.