How to choose Cloths for Trekking

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Clothing for Trekking by season

I will explain that how to choose clothing to benefit trekking experience.The climate of the mountains is variable & gets cold when climb a little higher. It is also necessary as a measure against insects and direct sunlight. Let’s go out with clothes suitable for mountain climbing!
Here, I will tell you the recommended clothes according to the season.

Recommended clothing for Spring Trekking

Even in spring, climbing a mountain near the summit can be quite chilly.
In addition to long-sleeved shirts that are easy to move, it is better to have thin wind breakers that can be worn immediately when it gets cold.

It’s easy to get cold during breaks, so it’s a good idea to bring a thin down jacket. Fleece material is cheap and warm. Be sure to wear long bottoms such as tights and pants to keep your ankles cool.

Recommended clothing for Summer Trekking

In summer, the sun is strong on the top of the mountains, so in addition to sunscreen, it is necessary to take measures to protect yourself from sunburn. A wide-brimmed hat will protect your face from the sun. It will fly if the wind is strong, so it is even better if there is rubber.

I would recommend thin, long-sleeved tops made of chemical fiber. Choose a quick-drying material that dries quickly even if you sweat. Choose thin ones that can cover your ankles as well.

By covering the skin with both tops and bottoms, you can prevent insect bites to a certain extent, and it is also useful for reducing injury threat.

Recommended clothing for autumn Trekking

Like spring, autumn is a season when temperature difference is a concern.
Tops should be long-sleeved shirts, wind breakers, and warmer down vests and jackets would be a better choice.

Recommended clothing for winter Trekking

It gets colder in winter. Wearing layers is the basis for cold weather.
First of all, if you wear two long-sleeved inners and two shirts in layers, you will be able to prevent the chill from wearing only one warm inner due to the effect of clothing climate!

On top of that, wear a hard-shell jacket as winter clothes. The hard shell jacket is highly waterproof and windproof and will protect you from snow and rain.

Even in winter, you will feel hot while walking in the mountains. However, during the break, the body temperature can get cold at once due to low outside air.

If you prepare a neck warmer, you can prevent the neck from getting cold. The bottoms can be used as a measure against coldness by layering leggings inside the pants.

Common to all seasons! Choose synthetic fiber clothing

The temperature difference in the mountains can be large, and even in winter, walking a lot can make you sweat. At that time, for example, cotton clothes absorb sweat, but the dryness is poor and the body becomes cold.

Many Outdoor shops sell fast-drying trekking and mountaineering clothing made of chemical fiber. There are also clothes that have the function of preventing the cold, which is useful in winter trekking.
Try to choose synthetic fiber clothes as much as possible for your all trekking.

How to choose cloths for trekking

Next article will be about Recommended shoes for trekking and climbing.

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