Walk Low Mountains

Wadi Shah

Climbing to a high mountain to reach the summit is a bit of a hurdle
but to feel the atmosphere of climbing, the charm of the mountain, we recommend “walking in low mountains” of less than 1000m. You can feel the history and culture of the mountain in the low mountains
where people live, produce agricultural products, and have shops and accommodations
Even low mountains are the same as mountaineering.
Make sure you have enough things to prepare for your belongings and equipment, and enjoy walking in the low mountains.

Let’s prepare only this!

The mountains can change suddenly and injuries can occur, so be prepared to do whatever you want.
I would like to introduce what a low-mountain traveler, takes with him on a day trip to bring him to the low mountains.
Please arrange according to your own preference.
Take a hot spring in the mountains; bird watching, sketching, photography, etc. Bring what you need according to your hobby.
If you bring things in several small bags for each item, you can quickly get out what you need.

Basic Beginner

➤Lightweight folding umbrella
➤Headlights and spare batteries
➤Bear protection bell
➤Mountaineering map

Depending on where you go, your environment and belongings will change, but what you should have is a headlight and whistle. Headlights can also be used during the day. Furthermore, the mountains get dark quickly, and it is difficult to walk even in familiar places, and there is a danger that you will not notice slippery places, cliffs, or roots of trees. The whistle can also be used as a rescue call or as a bear shield.

Food Related Item

1➤Outdoor pot
2➤Outdoor burners and fuel
3➤Emergency food (action food)
5➤Knives, forks, spoons, chopsticks, etc.
6➤Outdoor tableware

To cook in the mountains, you need materials, cooking utensils, and fuel. Even if you don’t cook, please bring your own active food such as chocolates, cookies, and nuts to replenish your energy while climbing. And don’t forget the water! It is safe to have one or two 500 ml plastic bottles.

Emergency Item

2➤Emergency seat (survival seat)
5➤Medicines (especially don’t forget your regular medicine)

In case of emergency, minimum preparation is important. The rope is convenient when the sole of the shoe is peeled off or the belt of the pants is broken. The emergency sheet can be wrapped around the body to warm a cold body. Always keep medicines, including wounds, bug bites, and bandages.

Low Mountain Walking Equipment


It protects your head from sudden rain, UV rays, and falling objects. Any design is OK, but with the chin strap, it is safe even if strong winds blow.


Avoid bags on shoulders; use a backpack with both hands open. It is not a large backpack that carries a lot of luggage, but about 30L is enough for day trips. A waist belt is convenient because you can spread the burden on your shoulders to your lower back.


It is useful to carry it when it is cold or when you touch your hands on the ground on a steep slope. Waterproofing is still convenient, but if it is used for summer UV protection, it may be breathable.


Throughout the year, long sleeves and pants for outdoor use are the best. If there are many exposed parts, it is easy for insects to bite them. It also helps prevent falls and injuries from tree branches. It is convenient to have short-sleeved T-shirts in the summer and winter jackets in the winter for changing clothes on the way back. Please also prepare rain gear.


If you are walking in low mountains, you can use not only hiking shoes but also waterproof trekking shoes. Trekking shoes are lighter than mountaineering shoes and often have middle cuts (hiking shoes are high cuts that fix the ankle). In each case, choose the shoes that fit your feet. Keep in mind that sneakers are slippery when walking on a lot of roads.

Son Protection Cream

Please bring a good sun protection lotion to protect your skin, Face and Neck from sun burning.

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