Muhammad Ali Sadpara  was born on 2nd February 1976 in a very remote area of Baltistan, Northern Pakistan. He received his early education from his town Sadpara village and went to high school Skardu for his matriculation. He started his carrier as a porter and became a high altitude porter in 2006. When started working as a high altitude mountaineer, he successfully summit Gashebrum II as his first summer ascent. After Gashebrum summit, same year, he climbed the Golden Peak as his 2nd ascent in the first mountaineering year. .

In 2008, he joined the big expedition for world 9th highest peak known as the killer mountain. He successfully summit Nanga Perbat and went to china, Muztagh Ata to count his first peak outside the country . In the summer 2009, he summit Nanga Perbat for the second time with the international expedition. While in the summer 2010, he summit the Gasherbrum I in Pakistan.

From 2011 to 2014, he did not take part in any expedition due to lack of expeditions in the country.

In 2015 winter, Ali with his expedition team attempted to scale Nanga Parbat but ended with failure. The same group attempted next winter ascent in 2016 and successfully did it.

In summer 2017, Ali summited Falchan Kungrai known as Broad Peak. In the autumn, he climbed Nanga Perbat resulting  four times successfully attempts of Nanga Parbat in his mountaineering career.

January 2018, Sadpara teamed up with Alex Txikon a Basque mountaineer and successfully summit Mount Everest in Nepal without any supplemental oxygen. The same summer, he summit K2, the savage mountain with his expedition team in Pakistan with great achievement.

Mountaineering world realized his potential and became very famous globally from 2019,. He was known as speedy, fast and strongest climber Pakistan after famous little Karim. With the growing reputation, he recieved offers of sponsorship by Pakistan army for his Nepal summit where he successfully summit Makalu, Lhtose and   Mansalu respectively in 2019.

Due to previous failure, This time John Snori hired the strongest climber from Pakistan Ali  Sadpara with his son Sajid Sadpar as his climbing companion. They started the trek and reached K2 base camp with local balti porters and kitchen team in January 2021. They acclimatized on the surrounding peaks and till the camp 3 of K2. The team successfully fixed the rope to camp 3 in a short time of span.

On their first summit push in January 2021, they returned from camp 4 due very bad weather condition and freezing cold temperature. On their final push, they reached the very notorious Bottleneck while Sajid came back cause of his oxygen regulator issue. Ali, Jhon and JP Moher continued their towarsd the summit. The gorge on the K2 Mountain, where, Muhammad Ali Sadpara and Juan Pablo Mohr were last known, has long been notorious and is considered the most dangerous trail on the mountain.

The Pakistani Nation with other Mountain communities were praying from all over the world for their success and safe return but all hope vanished when they sent no news for 10 days.

On 18 February 2021, Pakistani authorities announced that the three men were officially presumed dead, but the search for their remains would continue. Sadpara’s family also declared him as presumably dead on the same day.

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